Tuesday, June 14, 2011

tips to protect your eyes...♥♥♥

Assalamualaikum every body!!!...
hope you can enjoy my tips..
just a simple tips but can give the big impact..
i hope so...

first of all, how to protect your eyes??
so just the easy answers..
you ollss must practice makan makanan yang mengandungi Vitamin A banyak2...
its simple right??..

so, mesti korang nak tahu kan apa makanan yang mengandungi Vitamin A...
kat sini aku nak shared skit ngan korang sume...

for your information--->> Alcohol, coffee, or excessive iron can all deplete your body's supply of this essential vitamin -- bad news... 
But the good news is that vitamin A is readily available from numerous food sources....
 It can be obtained from food in two different forms :--
1) pre-formed vitamin A, found in animal sources, and 
2) pro-vitamin A , from plant sources.

The top ten vitamin A-rich foods are includes :-
1) liver
2) sweet potatos
3) carrots
4) mangoes
5) spinach
6) cantaloupe
7) dried apricots
8) milk
9) egg yolks
10) mozzarella cheese

For your caution: 
Too much vitamin A, either from animal sources or supplements, can prove toxic and is particularly dangerous during pregnancy.... 
Excess pro-vitamin A, on the other hand, isn't toxic but can lend you a decidedly orange hue...


written by:
ain.hazirah ♥♥♥

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